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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Coolest Guy On The Planet - Too Busy..


You can probably tell by the lack of recent posts that I've been really busy lately.

I'm consolidating some of the online activities that require my personal attention (like this blog), and so you can now keep up with what I'm up to over at:

Thanks for taking the time to drop by here, hopefully we can continue our relationship at a new level by you joining my newsletter from the site above, and following my blog there.

Your friend, the coolest guy on the planet,


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Coolest Guy On The Planet - Busy Busy Busy

Hi again,

Wow, Have I been busy! (Yes is the answer).

I've started reviewing tools and resources for my Internet Marketing friends over at, so that's fun.

We're moving membership site systems over at (from Visiongate to MemberStudio), so that we can adequately support members and affiliates (Visiongate has affiliate commission tracking 'issues' which we've decided aren't acceptable.

My partner at Link-Advantage (John Taylor) and I have had some amazingly creative telephone calls and we have some really great things lined-up right into the middle of next year.

I'm working on a set of tutorials for my members, and I'll also be adding some resources to (articles, ebooks etc. for sale)

I have 2 or 3 big projects which should be out before Xmas, so I'll let you know about those as they're released.

My band have lots of gigs lined up over the next few months (including Xmas and New Year), and the recent ones have all been fantastic.

All-in-all, things are going really well and are set to get even better.

If you're on Becky Hagels workshop - I'm a guest speaker this month, so make sure you get on the call.



Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Coolest Guy On The Planet - Andy Henry

Hi again,

The coolest guy on the planet is still going :)

Sorry it's been so long.

I've been really busy lately. I currently have the flu, so this is just a quick catch-up post.

I'm currently launching a new site ( with a friend.

Niche Service Station is still going strong (

I'm still eating healthily, but I haven't been to the gym everyday as I intended (especially recently while I've been ill), but I'll sort that out as soon as I feel better.

I have another article to get written for 'The Nettle' magazine, and a couple of gigs coming up with the band, so with the new membership site and everything else - I'm still really busy.

Until next time....

Andy 'The Coolest Guy On The Planet' Henry

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The coolest guy on the planet - marketing update

The coolest guy on the planet blog is now going to cover some marketing issues too.

You'll also see a graphic on the left side panel for 'The Nettle' magazine - which I write a column for each month.

Todays information is on keyword research tools:

I'm going to tell you about the current hot tools that will probably get promoted and fill your inbox very soon BEFORE everyone else sends you their sales letters.

Ok, You may or may not already know about the many ways to find out exactly what people are searching for, so that you can either find high-paying keywords to create content for (in order to make money from related advertising - like with Adsense), or so that you have relavent content for search engine surfers to find your site with.

You can use free tools such as:

Overture search term suggestion tool Good Keywords and other similar ones.

Or get keywords from people who've done the research for you.

Membership sites like Keyword Avalanche can save you a lot of time.

It used to be that no matter where you got your keywords from, in order to really expand on them and reach your market, you'd still need a Wordtracker account.

But this week two new tools have come onto the market. Tool 1 I have in front of me and have just been playing with for the last couple of hours.

It's called Instant Keyword Research and it comes on 2 DVDs. One has the actual program on, and the other has some excellent bonuses on (easily worth the price of the package on their own).

The tool and the bonuses basically give you a complete keyword research and analysis workshop for your PC, and will give you info on millions of keywords, including the PPC values.

The second (being released today) is Keyword Bible and is a desktop tool which also provides info on millions of keywords that people are using. Keyword Bible comes with a database of 42,000 top paying Adsense markets, compiled from a list of over 42,000 keywords that are presently running on AdSense.

YES! You read that right - It lists the 42,000 top paying ADSENSE markets. This information alone is worth the price of this product.

So, as you can see - the keyword market is changing and for the better :) If you haven't yet sorted yourself out with a decent keyword tool - now is the best time ever and these tools are the best that there has ever been.

If you're making sites for Adsense income - you NEED to get yourself a tool that will help you maximize your revenue.

Andy "The coolest guy on the planet" Henry

Monday, August 22, 2005

The coolest guy on the planet - Andy Henry

The coolest guy on the planet experiment continues..

I managed to strain my back over the weekend, so I'm a little slower than normal today :)

My family has a 'family olympics' day, where we all get together and play games for the day. This was great fun, but 'broke' me. Sunday followed with a gig (with my band) in a large country park. This was great fun and went really well, but playing my drumkit on a downhill slope didn't do anything to help my back. So this mornings 'gym' visit was just 1/2 hour in the swimming pool.

But at least I still made the effort and got to the gym, and I've just had an apple and banana for breakfast, so things are on-track.

Andy "the coolest guy on the planet" Henry

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The coolest guy on the planet - update

The coolest guy on the planet experiment is still going well.

This blog is still firmly number 1 on MSN, number 7 on Yahoo, and not yet appearing in Google.

The scales at my new gym were lying to me tonight and indicated that I'd lost 1/2 a stone (6 Kg). I haven't been able to confirm this on any other scales yet but I don't believe it.

Although I have been VERY good with my new eating habits and have gone from eggs on toast for breakfast to an apple, and I've been eating fish or chicken for my evening meals, I've only been to the gym twice and Saturday night I had some Chilli after the gig my band played, and today I went to Pizza Hut for lunch (it was one of those days where you just need to go out and have pizza).
I did work harder at the gym tonight to make up for it though.

I have my one-to-one consultation with my personal trainer at the gym at 7am next Monday, where they'll test me out and outline a diet and exercise plan designed to burn-off my fat. (which is nice).

I've been doing some thinking today and started the wheels in motion for the creation of a new ebook with contributions from several other people, so keep your peepers peeled for that soon.

Andy "the coolest guy on the planet" Henry

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The coolest guy on the planet - Andy Henry

The coolest guy on the planet progress continues.

It seems that this blog has snuggled-in nicely onto first place in MSN, but the nicely climing position on Yahoo has disappeared (temporarily), and still nothing on Google.

I might have to actually take some action (put some effort in) if Yahoo and Google don't pull their finger out and list this blog soon :)

On the health from, this weekend has been a little slack because I replaced going to the gym on Saturday with a gig with the band (we played for an outside birthday party - which was great fun). The girlfriend of one of the guitarists was mistakenly thrown into the pool (twice) by a drunk party-goer who thought she was someone else (or so he claimed), so that made things a little interesting :)

Today (Sunday) I also haven't been to the gym, which is doubly naughty since I was talked-in a couple of bowls of Chilli at 2am (after the gig). I felt better this afternoon after cooking an absolutely lovely (and large) Tuna steak to go with some salad and fresh bread.

The coolest guy on the planet is coming to a friends aid tomorrow - My best friends cars gearbox has just broken, so I'll be playing the part of a Taxi driver to get him to work and back until he gets sorted.
He's not an early riser, so I might get to the gym and back before he needs to leave - I'll have to see, but I WILL be going to the gym tomorrow.

I had a relaxing day today (after moving the band gear back to the practice room) and bought a couple of books and sat in Costa Coffee for a couple of hours (1 book by Dr Phil, and the other called 'what men want women to know') which was nice.

I've just spent the last couple of hours tracking down a decent membership site script that wouldn't cost me anything, and setting up a membership site to start a new phase of membership sites I'll be creating.

This new site is at and is where I'll be releasing lots of great self-improvement resources (ebooks, articles etc.) and members get access to the lot for a small monthly fee. The script I used to make the site also included an affiliate program, so I've set that up for affiliates to be able to make money by refering new members.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Andy "the coolest guy on the planet" Henry